Position Statements


TORRANCE, Calif., October 1, 2007 – The original air bag system components installed in a new Honda or Acura vehicle have been carefully designed for use in that vehicle, as have new Honda or Acura service air bag system components. American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (“AHM”) is confident that such air bag system components will help protect occupants in Honda and Acura vehicles. The installation and use of salvaged or used air bag system components in a Honda or Acura vehicle may compromise the intended performance of that vehicle’s air bag system as there is no certainty of the history, quality, condition, or compatibility of a salvaged or used air bag system component.


Therefore, AHM recommends that only new Honda or Acura air bag system components designed and designated for use in the specific Honda or Acura vehicle being repaired be installed in that vehicle. By following this recommendation, vehicle owners and repairers can best ensure that the air bag system in the repaired Honda or Acura vehicle actually will help protect vehicle occupants.

For more information about counterfeit airbags, click here: AirbagAware.Honda.com

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