About Insurance

Determining who is “at fault” in an accident, and therefore has the primary financial responsibility for the damages, can be a complex but important issue.

In most states, the insurance company will try to determine who was responsible for the accident. The “at fault” driver's insurance company pays for repairs to the vehicle, property damage and injured parties.*

“No-Fault” Insurance means that the insurance company for each party takes responsibility for their own policyholders, regardless of who caused the accident.*

There are currently 12 states in the US that have some version of no-fault insurance.

*Laws vary by state, and coverage is
subject to policy terms and limits.

When You’re
Not at Fault

You don’t have a contractual
agreement with the other
party’s insurer. You’re entitled
to have your Honda returned to
pre-accident condition.

When they are at fault,
you don’t have to accept
anything less than Honda
Genuine Parts.

You aren’t required to accept
their repair valuation, either.
As long as the costs are
reasonable, you have control
over the repair of your vehicle,
including the parts used.