Position Statements


TORRANCE, Calif., June 18, 2007 – American Honda Motor Co, Inc. makes the following recommendations for repair of Honda and Acura vehicles.

Sectioning Frame Components

When body repairs are necessary, American Honda recommends that any repairs be performed by an experienced professional, using the Honda or Acura body repair manual, and that component replacement be accomplished along factory seams. Failure to do so can result in a number of problems, including improperly fitting parts, noises, tire wear, and most importantly, changes in vehicle dynamics and occupant protection in a subsequent crash.

In particular, American Honda strongly recommends against the process of joining cut pieces from separate vehicles - commonly referred to as clipping. This is not an authorized American Honda repair method. Any problems with other components resulting from such improper vehicle repairs is not covered under American Honda’s factory or extended warranties.


Adhesives and Welding

Using adhesives in place of welding for component replacement is not an authorized American Honda repair method. It is important to repair at factory seams using the same procedures as the factory assembly process except where specified otherwise in the Honda or Acura body repair manual.

Door and Bumper Reinforcements

Because they are made of high strength steel, door and bumper reinforcements must not be repaired or straightened.

Replacement Parts

American Honda strongly recommends the use of Honda Genuine or Acura Precision Crafted original equipment replacement parts. Use of these parts helps return the vehicle to its pre-crash condition.

For more information on salvaged and recycled parts.

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