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The History of the Automobile in America,

it’s mechanical and auto body technology and development, the people who drive them, the laws they are subject to, the evolution of the roads they drive on, and almost inevitably, the technology required to recover a collision-damaged vehicle and return it to drivable condition, are all intertwined. The history of the collision repair industry, most specifically, the many companies that support the industry, have a long and interestingly varied past.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

September 27, 1842

Henry A. Sherwin is born.  He is described in the company history website as being “self-taught and self-propelled” and an “entrepreneur and inventor.” His formal education in his hometown of Baltimore, Vermont ended at the young age of 13 when he got a job in a general store.  From there he became a photographer and then moved to Cleveland, Ohio where he became first a clerk and then a book keeper for Freeman & Kellogg dry goods.  He became a partner in the George Sprague Company, purveyors of groceries.  The grocery business gave young Henry a good income, but he wanted something more.  Opportunities with a wholesale drug company, a bank, and a wholesale paint company then presented themselves.  

Sherwin chose the paint company, not because it offered the most money initially, but because he thought it “gave the promise of a future greater than others.”  You’ve probably guessed by now, Henry Sherwin is half of what became Sherwin-Williams, one of the largest paint companies in the world, and a major supplier of automotive refinish paint in the US.


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