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Monday, November 10, 2014

Oklahoma Attorney General Warns Consumers against Steering

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt issued a warning November 6 regarding the practice of steering – where insurers strongly push consumers to auto body repair shops that may provide "substandard service to consumers."

According to a press release issued by the Attorney General’s office, it is looking in to reports that certain insurers are, “…coercing Oklahomans into using auto body repair shops that may use salvaged parts or other substandard materials to make repairs, while claiming to use new parts or materials made by the automobile manufacturer. In many instances, the use of so-called “aftermarket” parts voids automobile manufacturer warranties. Such parts also may not meet manufacturer specifications and potentially could fail in the future.

Attorney General Pruitt is concerned that some insurance companies may be crossing the line, making dishonest statements in the steering of consumers, and knowingly guiding consumers to repair shops that make substandard repairs.

“It is important to the safety of Oklahomans that insurance companies and repair shops are honest and upfront with their customers about the repair process,” Attorney General Pruitt said. “As a consumer, you have the right to know what repairs are being made to your vehicle and the origin of the parts that are being used to repair it. A majority of auto body repair shops and insurance companies are reputable, honest and respect the difficulty of having a vehicle repaired. However, my office will hold accountable any shops or insurance companies who would seek to defraud Oklahomans through the illegal practice of steering. I encourage anyone who feels they have been a victim of such deceptive practices to contact the Attorney General’s Office immediately.”

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