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The History of the Automobile in America,

it’s mechanical and auto body technology and development, the people who drive them, the laws they are subject to, the evolution of the roads they drive on, and almost inevitably, the technology required to recover a collision-damaged vehicle and return it to drivable condition, are all intertwined. The history of the collision repair industry, most specifically, the many companies that support the industry, have a long and interestingly varied past.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 3, 1893

With the proliferation of a new mode of transportation – the bicycle – there was a call for better roads.  Anyone who has ever ridden a bicycle through the mud or along dusty, rock-strewn streets knows how difficult that can be.  Bicycle clubs around the US pushed for better roads leading, in 1892, to the “National League for Good Roads.”  On October 3, 1893, Congress created the “Office of Road Inquiry” led by General Roy Stone, a Civil War hero.  It was General Roy’s job to promote the building of better roads for “wagons, coaches, and bicycles.”  There was no mention of roads for “automobiles” or “horseless carriages.”  And there was no mention of accidents, or how those would be handled.  That would come later.


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