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The History of the Automobile in America,

it’s mechanical and auto body technology and development, the people who drive them, the laws they are subject to, the evolution of the roads they drive on, and almost inevitably, the technology required to recover a collision-damaged vehicle and return it to drivable condition, are all intertwined. The history of the collision repair industry, most specifically, the many companies that support the industry, have a long and interestingly varied past.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

June 30, 1965

The United States General Services Administration publishes a list of 17 safety standards required by all vehicles sold to the federal government. Automakers try to block the initiative stating that the items are impractical, and based on the 1956 Ford safety campaign debacle, the motoring public didn’t care about safety, and would not pay more money for a more safely designed car. This axiom was still valid 20 years later when General Motors offered some of the first airbags as a $235 to $325 option. Few sold. How times have changed!

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