About Insurance

Most policies require that the vehicle be returned to
“pre-accident” condition. Exactly what that means isn’t
always clear, but it certainly means more than looking like
it used to from a few feet way.

Like parts, not all insurance is the same. If your policy
doesn’t specify OE parts, your insurance company may
require the use of a specific amount of “non-original” parts—
parts that may not have been crash or performance tested,
particularly with your Honda’s systems, and may not meet
Honda’s safety, quality and performance standards.

And a repair with anything other than Honda original
equipment parts, and Honda recommended repair
procedures, may compromise the safety, structural integrity
and vehicle systems of your Honda, as well as the finish,
performance, durability and value.

OE Parts Coverage

Some insurance companies offer policies
or riders that specify the use of Original
Equipment parts.

If you really love your Honda, coverage
that specifically calls for OE parts is the
way to make sure that’s exactly what you
get, no matter who is at fault.



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