About Parts

Honda Genuine Parts mean Honda quality—designed and tested by
Honda for specific vehicles, including integration with the sophisticated
performance and safety systems that are part of every Honda.

But you may be surprised to learn that there’s a very good chance that not
all the parts used to repair your Honda will be Honda parts. In fact,
body shops report over 40% of their repairs include aftermarket parts.*

And, in addition to the obvious concerns about performance and quality,
when one of those OE parts is replaced with anything other than a Honda
part, there’s a very real question about how that alternative part will interact
with the safety systems and other systems in your Honda.

Nine out of ten of body shops
said they use aftermarket
parts, though only 4% say
they like them.

And 2/3 say the strongest
influence on their parts choice
is the insurance company.*

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* Babcox Research 2011