Gap Insurance: If you are making lease or loan payments and you experience a total loss, there may be a difference (gap) between the market value of your vehicle and what you still owe on it. Gap insurance pays the difference between the actual cash value of a vehicle and the amount still to be paid on the loan. A gap policy may also cover the amount of the deductible.
Garage Location: The location where your insured car is parked most of the time. This location is usually indicated by the ZIP Code of the policyholder's primary residence. The garaging location can affect your auto insurance rates.
Gloss: The degree to which a painted surface possesses the property of reflecting light in a mirror-like manner. May also be referred to as luster.
Grace Period: Some auto insurance policies have a grace period that allows customers to make a payment after the due date. But, many companies will not accept a payment after the date shown on a cancellation notice.
Grinding: A harsh, abrasive machining process used to quickly remove old paint and rust from a vehicle surface. While grinding quickly and efficiently removes unwanted surface rust or paint, it leaves a rough surface which can be further sanded or filled with primer sealer or body putty. (Also see Sanding)