Edge-to-Edge Repair: A term denoting a complete panel repair (such as a complete fender or door) as opposed to a touch-up or spot repair.
Enamel: A paint used as a topcoat (over a primer) that forms a hard glossy surface.
Endorsements: Also called riders, endorsements are changes to the original insurance contract. Endorsements may include changing your deductibles or adding a new car to your auto insurance policy. 
Estimate: The written estimation, made by an appraiser or estimator, upon inspection of a damaged vehicle, regarding the cost required to restore the vehicle to the condition it was in immediately prior to the loss. There are sometimes hidden damages that are not visible until the vehicle is disassembled. Additional repairs needed to complete the repair are called a supplement. Insurance companies expect this to occur and have in place billing guidelines to handle this type of situation.
Exclusion: Restrictions in your insurance policy that limit or exclude coverage for certain people, property, activities, situations, etc. For example, most auto insurance policies exclude coverage for normal wear and tear, drag racing and intentional acts.
Expiration Date: The date your coverage ends. There is usually a time of day associated with this date, for example, an expiration date of 5/1/2002 at 12:01am. This means your coverage ends one minute after midnight on the date listed.