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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Denver Police Work with Collision Repair Shops to Solve Hit and Runs

The Denver Police Department announced a new program that partners with local collision repair shops to help solve hit and run accidents. The program, named the Denver Auto Body Alert, establishes two-way communication between police and local collision repair businesses. DPD’s Traffic Investigations Unit is aware that hit and run criminals typically bring their vehicles to repair shops to fix damages from the hit and runs. Therefore, DPD has partnered with several auto body repair shops to enhance investigations when hit and run accidents occur.

“The Auto Body Alert program is an important joint venture with local business owners to show that hit and runs are serious and collectively, we will do what we can to catch those who leave the scene of an accident,” said Chief Robert White. “These additional partners will enhance our ability to solve these crimes and we rely on our community to be our additional eyes and ears in Denver and appreciate their assistance.”

Collision repair shop owners who partner with Denver Police will receive detailed information about a suspected vehicle from an accident. If there is a vehicle matching the description in their shop, the owners are asked to call Traffic Investigations prior to starting any work that may potentially erase if a crime has been committed.

More than 30 shops have signed up to participate in the Denver Auto Body Alert. If you would like to join the program, you can register online.

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