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Collision repair is about people helping people

who find themselves in a difficult situation, often through no fault of their own. It’s not just about putting cars back together — it’s about making people whole again. The collision repair community — including body shops, paint, parts, equipment and insurance companies — has been doing this for a long time.

And sometimes, the collision industry goes above and beyond the call of duty to make things a little bit brighter for those less fortunate. This section honors the shops and suppliers that take that additional step.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

CIF Crash Hunger Program Partners with Feeding America During Hunger Action Month

The Collision Industry Foundation (CIF) "Crash Hunger" program was highlighted during the most recent Collision Industry Conference meeting in San Antonio in July, but the hottest activity lately was the donation of $5,000 to Feeding America. When you combine this most recent donation with that of 2011, CIF has now provided over $10,000 in financial support to America's fight against hunger. This latest timely donation comes as September marks the kickoff of Hunger Action Month.

CIF is now recognized as one on Feeding America's Corporate Partners. According to Feeding America's 2011 annual report, "These organizations have made contributions of $5,000-$99,000, which has help to feed more than 37 million Americans in need last year."

"Hunger is very real in these difficult times with children comprising the largest number of food recipients," commented Bill Shaw. "The folks at Feeding America told us that families that never needed help are showing up at food pantries. These are our neighbors, these are Americans. We felt inspired and ready to work with Feeding America as a true partner to work toward ending hunger in America. We know that food pantries are in many cities in the United States, and provide the greatest opportunity for members of our industry to work together as volunteers and contributors of food or donations. September is going to be a great month for us all to come together and help in our own communities with food collections, donations and volunteering at a local food pantry."

The CIF is supporting the Hunger Action Month by asking the collision industry to volunteer during September, as well as getting involved with your local food bank.

Donation pads are available for Crash Hunger through CIF at any time. Each pad is $50 for 50 sheets at $1 donation per sheet. All businesses are encouraged to have a donation pad at each location. They are asked to display each "bought" donation sheet on their wall, thus encouraging greater participation by their customers. They may also display the employees' names as the donors if they so desire. Each pad is $50 with no limit on the number of pads that may be purchased. Credit cards, checks and money orders accepted. To order pads or for more information about the Crash Hunger program or Hunger Action Month, please contact the CIF office at (804) 427-6982 or go to: www.collisionindustryfoundation.org.

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