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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bill Proposes Minimum Damage Before Total Loss

Newly appointed New York Assembly Insurance Committee Chair Kevin Cahill (D-Kingston) says there will be no "pay to play" on his watch, though legislators who control insurance bills are powerful magnets for campaign donors. That according to a recently published report in a local Troy, NY paper, The Record, which quotes Cahill as saying, "Some people think their campaign contributions buy them something, and it doesn't."

According to the report, Cahill's predecessor as chair of the 25 member insurance committee, Assemblyman Joseph Morelle, raised a total of $683,469 during the last election cycle and $132,650 of that amount came directly from companies that offer insurance. Likewise in the Senate, Insurance Committee Chair James Seward raised $588,707 with $193,755 coming from insurance companies.

Cahill, a lawyer who has served in the Legislature for 20 years, says he does not have the same kind of political and business contacts and does not expect that his campaign fund will be a magnet for insurance interests. "I don't really anticipate them showing me any great favors," Cahill said. "Certainly the agenda coming out of our committee will be reflective primarily of consumer need."

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