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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

BASF Says Automotive Color Trend Moving Towards Nature

In the foreseeable future, natural colors will be playing a more powerful role for cars. These are the results of the current trend forecast presented by the BASF Coatings' design team. Knowing what colors will be a hit with car buyers in three to five years is not just relevant for the car manufacturers. The refinishing industry also has to prepare for the new color trends early on.

According to the BASF designers' 2012-2013 trend forecast, which has just been published, the automotive colors in future will be "naturally cultivated". The forecast predicts that developments in the world of automotive colors will be particularly apparent outside the range of the staple colors black and silver.

"There are signs that the need for more color on the roads is continuing and that, in future, we will be tapping into further color spaces, such as bronzes and emeralds. Specifically, green is becoming more significant," the global design team explained in the report. Mark Gutjahr, head of Design Europe, predicts, "The continued high value assigned to the notion of ecology may now again be signified by the color green and this color will return to cars in four to five years. That's about how long it takes for a trend color to appear on the roads. So we still have to wait a bit for green."

The return to the color green is a global trend demonstrated by the forecast put forward by the BASF designers from North America, Asia and Europe.

The topic of sustainability continues to be on our radar, attracting attention to not only the environment, but also the everyday world. Gutjahr says a long-absent, intensive green is coming to the fore here and colors such as ruby red and blues are expanding the color range.

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