About Parts

Did you

Many car leases, including AHFC leases,
require use of original equipment parts.

Aftermarket Parts?
Certified Parts?

Some parts are “certified” to
reduce body shop and consumer concerns
about the differences in aftermarket parts.
And, though 93% of body shops report
that they do use aftermarket parts, only
4% say they like them. They also say they’re
4 times as likely to return certified or non-certified
aftermarket parts to their supplier
as they are with OE*. And, most importantly,
certified or non-certified parts are not required
to be crash tested with your Honda.

Guaranteed Parts?

Insurance companies often “guarantee” non-OEM parts to
reassure owners—which sounds great, until you realize that
most of the time the warranty is only likely to help you if you
can see the difference yourself!

*Babcox Research 2011