About Parts

Typically, aftermarket parts are created by reverse
engineering”—measuring and analyzing a Honda Genuine
Part to try to make a generic part for your vehicle.

Aftermarket manufacturers aren’t required to meet
Honda specifications and standards, and may use
different specifications, materials, manufacturing methods
and quality standards for their parts. And they don’t have to
crash test their parts for performance with your Honda, either.

Non-OEM parts may be similar, and they may claim to be
“just as good” as Honda Genuine Parts, but they are not
exactly the same.

A slight change in the design, materials
or precision of a part, even a change with
quality materials, can deliver different
data to your Honda’s operating and safety
systems—information that can change how
the systems interpret and respond to impact,
for example.

Watch the video to
see the impact—
literally—that 7/100ths
of a second can make.