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The History of the Automobile in America,

it’s mechanical and auto body technology and development, the people who drive them, the laws they are subject to, the evolution of the roads they drive on, and almost inevitably, the technology required to recover a collision-damaged vehicle and return it to drivable condition, are all intertwined. The history of the collision repair industry, most specifically, the many companies that support the industry, have a long and interestingly varied past.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


The earliest driver’s license ever issued went to none other than the earliest pioneer of automobile building, Karl Benz, later of Mercedes Benz fame.  Unlike today, Mr. Benz’s license had nothing to do with meeting a driver safety training course, being able to merge into traffic on the freeway, parallel-park, or know what to do in the case of an accident.  It seems Mr. Benz liked to drive his new invention, the noisy and exhaust-emitting automobile though the city, much to the displeasure of his neighbors who complained to the local constabulary.  Benz applied for and received a license, perhaps more like a permit, to drive his car in town.

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